The Artist Says

Since over 20 years I have been working in different fields related to art and as an audiovisual artist and performer. Many of my projects are developed in broad ranges of collaborations and include the process as part of the desired outcome. I work with cinematographic, scenic and graphic elements but my main interest lies in the relations with people. Amongst other things I see error, discomfort and clumsiness as great possibilities for change and learning.

Since three years I investigate on our tired working society and a counterproposal: doing nothing as an embodied critique. Lately I research on poetry and song as strategic devices.

My work is made for the one and for all.
It is more radical than it looks like.
It asks a lot and over all - listens.

If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to write me a card, a letter, a mail.

Do come and see me at my residency at Piramidón, centre d’art contemporary.



I was born february the 5th, in Munich, Germany 1972.

I am a resident artist at Piramidón Artistic Center and have the privilege of being accepted within a selected group of curators, artists and intellectuals for the Independent Study Program (PEI) of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA).

During the last years I have been able to deepen my practice in various international artistic contexts, with several independent projects, with alternative distributions, performance actions and multipurpose exhibitions. Producing and managing myself autonomously in some cases and in others being sponsored by cultural and educational organizations such as:, artistic center for research and production, The Blueproject Foundation, EINA university for art and design, the Institut 4Cantons, Nau Côclea, art residency, Subarna, a local Auction House and the Fundació Tàpies amongst others.

I have expanded my technical and intellectual knowledge with: PEI students and lecturers, especially Nicolás Vatiu Koralsky, curator; Pau Cata, coordinator of NACCM; Amanda Masha Caminals, curator; Pol Capdevila, professor of humanities at Pompeu Fabra; Marina Garcés philosopher and teacher of critical thinking; Pep Dardanyá, artist; Tere Badía, director of Hangar; Clara Garí, director of the Nau Côclea; Mar Merino, cultural manager; Daniel Canet, software engineer; Paola Marugán, curator; Claus Strigel and Matthias Zentner documentary filmmakers, friends and kin.

Publications & Catalogs


Paratext Vol.1

Hangar, Fundació Banc Sabadell, Catalog
(Spain, dec 2016)

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Renan Laru-an, Blog Art Spy - Curator’s Network
(WWW, feb 2016)

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Renan Laru-an, Blog Art Spy - Curator’s Network
(WWW, jan 2016)

SIFF Mobile

Shanghai Shortfilm and Documentary Filmfestival, Catalog
(China, jan 2016)



Christina Schultz, printed score in 5 chapters, self published, limited edition
(ES, sept 2015)

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facts&fictions, website
(WWW, sept 2015)

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General Auction of february 2015

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(WWW, feb 2015)


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(WWW, sept 2013)

You Your Wall and Me

Christina Schultz, tumblr blog
(WWW, sept 2013)


Techno Phantasies

Christina Schultz, Poster, self published
(ES, sept 2012)

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Christina Schultz, artist comic, self published
(ES, march 2012)


Pre-post Actions in YouPorn Categories of Sex

Blissland Issue 3, Catalog
(GER, jan 2011)

Interviews & Articles


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Dustin Guerri, Live Wire, interview (Barcelona, ES, march 2017)


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Post: 886195411444154

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